What we believe

We believe that ceremony is vital for the well-being of our community. Ceremony offers us the opportunity to pause, reflect, heal, and celebrate the cycles of life. For us, creating a ceremony means we are paying attention to the world around us and creating a structure that connects our actions with our feelings. Ceremony then becomes one way to acknowledge the many emotions we experience during important moments and milestones.  We believe that we already have what we need to create ceremonies that matter, we just need to be reminded how we can do it, what it brings us, and why it’s important. 

We are

We are curious and want to learn from different cultures and across different time periods. 

We are open and want everyone to feel like this is a place where they can come to learn and share.

We are respectful and want to honour the roots of ceremonies from around the world.

We do

We offer resources so people can bring ceremony into their lives in a way that feels natural to them.

We help people create ceremonies that reflects their values, dreams, and aspirations. 

We invite people from around the world to tell their stories in hopes of inspiring others.

We want

We want to share everything that we have discovered and continue to learn along the way. 

We want to create a place where you can find everything you need to bring ceremony into your life.

We want to encourage people to be open about the light and dark moments they are facing.