Who we are

We are a growing community of ceremonialists, storytellers, artists, writers, and folks who are drawn to the power of ceremony.

Megan Sheldon
Founder & Ceremonialist

Megan Sheldon, Founder & Ceremonialist

“Ceremony helps me connect – it gives me a way to bring deeper emotions into an experience.”

With a desire to create meaningful ways to celebrate, mourn, and mark moments in her life, Megan set out to learn as much as she could about ceremonies and rituals. With a background in communications and brand storytelling, Megan draws upon cultural mythology and personal narratives to help people recognize important moments and milestones. What started as a desire to craft a wedding ceremony unique to her and her husband, Megan saw the power ceremony had not only on her, but on her guests. She then experienced three miscarriages and had no sense of how to navigate her public and private grief, so she sought out rituals and ceremonies to grieve on her own and with her community. Megan has since convened fertility circles, divorce ceremonies, baby blessings, house coolings, and end of life celebrations. She started Seeking Ceremony as a way to share what she has found on her own journey, as well as a place to be inspired by others who are bringing ceremony and ritual into their lives.

Kate Love
Co-founder & Ceremonialist

Kate Love, Co-founder & Ceremonialist

“Ceremony is the container for celebration which brings meaning to the vicissitudes of life – the ups and downs and the minutiae in between.”

With a long-standing interest in the “woo”, but with an unfailingly rational side, Kate has always gravitated towards adapting various rituals and practices she’s encountered to support her reality. As a young women she dedicated a lot of time to her own personal development, and set up weekly “Kate Dates” to enjoy her own company. Then life multiplied, by two. As a mom of strong independent 5 year old twins, she’s constantly seeking slivers of time to (re)find self care practices and rituals that nourish her soul, even if the practice is as simple as enjoying a cup of tea in a minute of silence. In losing her great Love, her mother Mimi, two years ago, she also discovered a whole new way to bring legacy and purpose into her life, and gets excited about sharing her own methods of honouring grief with others on a similar path.

Marina Billinghurst

Marina Billinghurst, Contributor

“Ceremony is to give gratitude for the moments that have shaped our individuality, our journey. It is a moment of time which to reflect, give thanks and to move on with love in our hearts.”

Marina is an artist – she lives life visually. She created the powerful watercolour palette for Seeking Ceremony, inspired by the relationship between light and dark, movement and stillness. Art has always been a healing force in her life, and it continues to shape her journey and introduce her to new ways of seeing. Marina’s life has not followed a straight line, yet it’s the twists and turns that have led her to this world of ceremony. After experiencing fertility heartache and miscarriage, as well as the loss of friends, she is more determined than ever to share her art in order to shed light on the struggles and triumphs we each face, and to help people heal through the power of art.