Becoming Ceremonial: Online Workshops

In January 2020, we launched our inaugural Becoming Ceremonial program, a one year group immersion that explores individual connections to ceremony and ritual, and helps participants create a ceremonial practice that supports the ebbs and flows of daily life. We’re launching a series of online workshops, including solo and group sessions. If you’re interested in learning how you can become more ceremonial in an online setting, please reach out. Here’s a sample of some of the themes we’ll begin to offer: 

Daily Ceremony Workshop

In this 2 hour online group workshop, you'll learn what a daily ceremony is, what elements you should consider, how to craft your personal daily ceremony, and how to stay accountable. You'll also connect with others interested in exploring this topic, and there's an option to partner together to hold each other accountable.

We're limiting the first workshop to 10 participants, so sign up early if you're interested in joining us.

What: 2 hour group session
Cost: $40
Date: TBD

Grief Ceremony Workshop

This online workshop involves both group and solo aspects, as well as some questions to consider before you begin. The workshop begins with a 1 hour coaching call with Kate, a grief coach and co-founder of Seeking Ceremony. Once you've had your solo session, you'll join a small group online for a 2 hour virtual roundtable as we talk through grief practices, including how to honour someone you lost year after year, and how to bring their legacy forward.

What: 1 hour solo, 2 hour group
Cost: $75
Date: TBD

Marriage Ceremony Workshop

Marriage is more than a wedding ceremony, and we have discovered lots of ways to tap into the power of a wedding ceremony in a long term marriage. Whether it's celebrating your anniversary with intention, having daily partnership rituals, or looking at Date Night as an opportunity to check in on the health of your marriage. Join us for an online couples workshop where we'll work with you to discover a ceremony practice that works for you both.

What: 2 hour partner session
Cost: $75
Date: Available upon request