Every ceremony has a story

At the heart of each ceremony is a story unique to those who have gathered together. Storytelling connects us in a way that nothing else does; it opens us up and invites others to experience a part of our world. We hope you can find solace and inspiration in reading how others have used ceremony to help them celebrate, heal, and honour life’s moments and milestones. 

Here are some stories from people in our community who believe ceremony has the power to change lives. Browse the different topics and categories to find ceremonies that resonate most with you. 

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Miscarriage Rituals

When I think of my miscarriages, I’m overcome with so many different emotions. Grief, sorrow, anger, frustration, hope, anticipation, pressure, worry, trust, and love.

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Abortion Rituals

Rituals for an Abortion

“I had an abortion” are not words you often hear people say out loud.
There’s a lot of stigma in our culture surrounding the subject of abortion. There can be feelings of shame, embarrassment, and guilt when it comes to having, or even thinking about having, an abortion, and very few people openly challenge that stigma.

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End of Life

The Dawn and the Twilight

My intention in writing this piece was to promote compassion & dignity for those who are dying & for the loved ones who surround them. I also wanted to explore the reimagining of what our last moments could look like if we could apply the lessons learned about the experience of birth.

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Breaking Free From Convention

We set out to design a ceremony about love – love for each other, love for our community, love for our planet. Planning our wedding helped us break free from convention and these rigid norms we thought we had to follow. Our wedding ceremony became a reflection of us.

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Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Becoming a Mother

My feeling of being a woman was so tied up with my ability to create a baby. I felt robbed, and yet I didn’t mourn, I didn’t grieve. I didn’t know how to. My husband felt like he couldn’t be sad, that he had to be strong for me. We pretended everything was normal. There was no ceremony, there was no goodbye. This was my new normal.

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The Ritual of Giving

hen we talk about giving every day, it’s about being intentional with our energy. Giving is a practice. Giving compassion, kindness and gratitude are all acts of giving, yet if we don’t do it consciously, it doesn’t become a habit or ritual. I like to say my daily give out loud – I’ll be out walking and I’ll decide to do something simple, like picking up a piece of garbage. I’ll recognize that act of giving in the moment, say it out loud, and them move on with my day.

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Share your story!

Have you found a unique and meaningful way to bring ceremony into your daily moments or big life milestones? We would love to feature your story to inspire others wanting to bring ceremony and ritual into their lives.