Every ceremony has a story

At the heart of each ceremony is a story unique to those who have gathered together. Storytelling connects us in a way that nothing else does; it opens us up and invites others to experience a part of our world. We hope you can find solace and inspiration in reading how others have used ceremony to help them celebrate, heal, and honour life’s moments and milestones. 

Here are some stories from people in our community who believe ceremony has the power to change lives. Browse the different topics and categories to find ceremonies that resonate most with you. 


Kids are naturally ceremonial

Kids are spontaneous but yet they also thrive when they understand what’s happening next, when there is consistency and routine, and they have the predictability of knowing what to expect.

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End of Life

The most important person I ever lost

In my darkest moments, I felt unbearably far from her and grasped for ways to keep her close. I feared her drifting further and further from my post-Mimi life, and that my kiddos wouldn’t remember her.​

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Walking the hill in marriage

Suddenly marriage felt doable because we would check in every year. We would ask the hard questions, even when it hurt, and we would hold each other close, even when we were uncertain.

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Share your story!

Have you found a unique and meaningful way to bring ceremony into your daily moments or big life milestones? We would love to feature your story to inspire others wanting to bring ceremony and ritual into their lives.