Virtual & Hybrid Ceremonies

Seeking Ceremony has partnered with New Narrative Memorials to offer both virtual and hybrid Memorials and Celebrations of Life. We’ll meet with you and explore the type of ceremony you would like to create. We’ll invite you to share stories about the person who died and then we’ll offer unique rituals that can be done before, during, or after the ceremony. More than ever, we need to find ways to come together and honour our grief and the stories of those we lost. Let us support you during your time of loss.  

Celebrations of Life

Finding time to honour the life of someone who died and process their death is integral in the grief journey. Yet it's not always possible to be there physically so we offer unique rituals that go beyond the screen, connecting people from afar. We have hosted dozens of virtual Memorials and Celebrations of Life, sometimes with hundreds of people joining at once.


A wedding is so much more than two people joining together. It's coming together as a community, even if you can't all be together physically. We offer rituals that connect people beyond the screen, so you can create a wedding that brings people together no matter where they are in the world.

Micro Ceremonies

From birth to death and everything in between, we can help you create a ceremony to honour any moment or milestone. We can help you create a solo ceremony, just for yourself, or with a partner. We can also create group ceremonies, including virtual or hybrid.

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