Virtual Ceremonies

This is a difficult time for everyone, with Covid 19 limiting the way we gather. When we lose the ability to come together physically to celebrate, to grieve, to acknowledge the milestones and rites of passage we each face, it can be devastating. Yet, our social distancing and gathering restrictions do not mean that we can no longer honour moments of change with intention and meaning. There are ways to come together, even when we can’t meet physically. We’ve offered some ideas to draw from, and we’re available to help you customize your ceremony in this challenging time. 

Virtual Funerals

Finding time to honour the life of someone who died and process their death is integral in the grief journey. And, it's not always possible to be there physically. You don't have to miss out on the healing that can come from a funeral or celebration of life during this challenging time. There are so many ways that we can bring people together to remember, share, honour, and acknowledge how much impact a single life can have. Grief is universal, and moving through that grief with community is essential.

Virtual Weddings

A wedding is so much more than two people joining together. It's a coming together of family, of community. It's words being spoken out loud, stories shared, advice offered, and lots and lots of hugs. And yet, so much of what makes a wedding powerful is in the intention and the delivery. Finding creative ways to engage people from a distance might be challenging, and yet there's an opportunity to surprise and even delight people with the invitation to become part of your ceremony from afar.

Virtual Graduations

Graduation time is filled with celebration and acknowledgement, and so many rituals. Not being able to gather during this time can be very difficult, but there are many ways you can incorporate the rituals and ceremony aspects into your life, without having the opportunity to all gather together physically. Whether you're graduating preschool or high school, university or a specialty course, there are so many ways to bring ceremony and ritual to the end of one chapter so you get a proper send off to the next.

Community Candle lighting

Community Candle lighting

Have everyone find an unlit candle and designate a specific time for everyone to light it at. People can send photos or videos of the moment if you’re not all together online, and give everyone something to say or offer while they light the candle. This could be a wish, a memory, a hope for the future. Something that connects people beyond the screen. 

Storytelling Hour

Storytelling Hour

Invite people to send in stories that honour the person or moment. Give them a format to follow (length, theme, a question to ponder). Choose a time of day that holds significance and invite sit and read the stories out loud to those you can gather with. You can do this on a video chat, or record it and send it out to people after. Or simply hold this precious time for yourself. 

Get in touch if you'd like us to customize your virtual ceremony