What we do

We are ceremonial by nature, meaning we have spent the better part of our lives learning, practicing, and being in ceremony. We are trained event planners, coaches, facilitators, and celebrants, yet most importantly, we live by ceremony. We have, and continue to find, unique and powerful ways to weave ceremony into our daily lives, and we would love to do the same for you. 

Story-inspired Ceremonies

If you want to hold a ceremony but are unsure of where to start, who to invite, how to welcome people, what to do, and how to capture it all, we're here to offer our services. We can help you create a ceremony that reflects and honours a specific person, event, or occasion using the power of storytelling to shape and record the experience from start to finish. From mother's blessings, birth and naming, coming of age, divorce, and end-of-life ceremonies, and everything in between.

Workshops & Gatherings

We're excited to offer unique workshops and collaborations with people we meet working in similar fields. From pregnancy and infant loss to end of life workshops and gatherings, we are driven to create community through ceremony and ritual. Stay tuned for news on our 2021 workshop schedule, held in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON.

Our Services include:

Ceremony planning

We'll discuss your ideas, wishes, and vision in person or over the phone. We'll send you a ceremony plan, including a step by step guide for you to follow, that reflects what or who you are looking to honour.

Ceremony convening

We'll dream up, plan, and convene a unique ceremony experience, from start to finish, and provide everything that's needed. We'll record the ceremony and turn it into a written narrative keepsake for you to cherish.

Let us plan your ceremony!

We would love to help plan or convene your ceremony. Send us a note with what you’re looking for and we’ll outline our services in more detail, including costs, availability and options to choose from. We look forward to hearing from you.