Ceremony Writing

Whether you’re looking for help writing wedding vows that capture the story of your relationship, give a speech at a special event, or remember the life of someone you loved, we are here to help you create inspired ceremony content that speaks from your heart. Megan Sheldon is a storyteller and writer who has been capturing people’s stories for years. 

Please note that Megan’s process is best done in person, so we are currently offering these services in Vancouver, B.C. Packages start at $500 and include a two hour story session, transcribed notes, and a final ceremony speech with one round of editing. 

Vow writing

Megan will arrange an excursion to one of your favourite places as a couple. She will gently guide you through her process to land on the values you want your wedding to hold, the stories you want to share, and the vows you want to commit.

She will record, transcribe, and draft your wedding ceremony vows based on your words, feelings, and sentiments. You can then add your own personal touches.

Speech writing

Do you have to give a speech for a significant moment or milestone like launching or closing down a business? Do you need to capture a story of friendship or parenthood and share it in a ceremonial way, like at a wedding or baby blessing?

Megan will arrange a story chat with you to draw out the story you want to tell. She will then provide you with a story speech, woven from your words and intentions.

Eulogy writing

Remembering and capturing the life of a loved one can feel daunting, especially in the throes of grief. For many people, trying to capture everything in a speech can be difficult to navigate, especially when many people are involved.

Megan will invite you to share memories, stories, and wishes about your lost loved one. She will then weave together a snapshot of the life you are honouring.