Ceremony Toolkits

We curate custom ceremony boxes and kits for significant life moments and milestones. If you’re interested in having a Seeking Ceremony toolkit built for yourself, a friend, or a colleague, please reach out and we can talk through options and ideas. We’ll take you through our Be Ceremonial questionnaire, and then include a guide to follow and all of the ingredients you’ll need to host your own ceremony. 

Ceremonial Memory Project - Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Grieving pregnancy and infant loss

Miscarriage. Pregnancy Loss. Termination. Stillbirth. Infant death. Whatever term it's been designated, whatever the clinical definition, if you lost your baby after a few weeks, a few months, or after carrying them to full term, it will be a devastating experience. This feeling is often aggravated by a lack of awareness and insight around how to grieve this type of loss, how to honour your baby's life, how to talk about it with others, and how to support those you love going through this.

Why are pregnancy loss ceremonies important?

We believe ceremony and memory keeping is a powerful way to move in and out of a grief that will never leave us. We've been through pregnancy loss and we learned how little we knew when it came to creating ceremony and ritual around this type of loss. We also learned that it didn't have to be complicated or curated - the most simple ceremonies often bring us the most peace. Ceremonies can help process our emotions, honour our baby's life, and connect friends and family who are searching for ways to offer their support and grieve with us.

Forever Loved: Ceremony Box

Having a stillbirth is devastating, and it's often made even harder because people don't know how to support you or what to say. We never want a family to leave the hospital with nothing to remember their lost baby with or feeling lost with how to start their grieving process. We're creating memory/ceremony boxes that are filled with keepsakes, ceremony ideas and supplies, and stories from others who have gone through this before, all in the hopes of making families feel supported by their community and those who have gone through this before.

Miscarriage: Ceremony Kit

Having a miscarriage is hard no matter how far along you are, especially when there isn't a set way to grieve, like a funeral. Often times, we haven't even told people we were pregnant to begin with, making the grieving process even more isolating. Our hope is that by providing some ceremony ideas and inspiration, people won't feel so lost as they begin their grieving journey. Our Miscarriage Ceremony Boxes include items inspired and found in nature, stories from families who have been through miscarriage before, and things you can do - alone or with your community - to honour your loss.

How to help

This project is near and dear to our hearts. We’re dedicated to transforming the system after experiencing our own losses. In order to affect change, we need help. Here are some ways that you can help our cause and transform the way we all approach pregnancy and infant loss.


We host circle gatherings where people can share their stories of loss. We bring in ceremony and ritual to each circle to honour each journey, each life, and we would love to connect to hear about the role ceremony and ritual has played in your experience.


We're creating ceremony boxes and kits for families going through miscarriage and stillbirth for Lions Gate Hospital. If you'd like to join us for a ceremony box building day on January 27th 2020 in North Vancouver, or if you'd like to help in another way, please reach out.


If you're connected to a hospital or work in connection to birth, including midwives and doulas, we would love to chat with you and find ways that we all can bring more ceremony and emotional support into the pregnancy and infant loss experience.

Offer your support