What is a coming of age ceremony?

Typically, a coming-of-age ceremony is a way to support, honour, and celebrate children who are stepping into adolescents or teenagers moving into adulthood. It can also relate to different stages in life, like coming into eldership, or significant moments, like coming out about one's sexual orientation or gender identity.

Why are coming of age ceremonies important?

For many of us, we've lost the tradition of preparing and celebrating our children as they step into adolescents or early adulthood. Puberty isn't a single event, nor is it only connected to our physical bodies. There are so many emotions and cultural associations connected to this time, and a ceremony can help honour those feelings and remind us we're not alone.

How do you create a coming of age ceremony?

A coming of age ceremony can help an older child feel connected to their peers, to their parents, and to their community. Creating a way for them to voice their worries, hear from others, and celebrate all of the small moments that will eventually guide them into adulthood can help prepare them for the obstacles and triumphs ahead.

Coming of age inspiration

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Slow transitions

Coming-of-age doesn't happen overnight; it tends to happen slowly and quietly. One way to prepare an older child for their transition into adolescents is to mark both small moments and big milestones.

Community gathering

One great way to help kids mark their own coming of age is by bringing them together with their peers. Create a space where they feel safe, heard, excited and united in the journey they are each on.

Coming out

Coming of age isn't always about the space between childhood and adolescents. If someone is ready to share their gender identity or sexual orientation, it can be recognized through ceremony.