What is a divorce ceremony?

A divorce ceremony is a way for individuals, and their family or community to process and grieve the end of a marriage or relationship while also setting intentions for the next chapter. We put so much time, money and energy toward the beginning of a marriage yet we rarely give the ending as much recognition.

Why are divorce ceremonies important?

Most divorces are finalized with the stroke of a pen rather than a community gathering, leaving people connected to the relationship lost or unsure of how to move forward. There's something poignant about celebrating, honouring and grieving a love that was lost with your community, big or small.

How do you create a divorce ceremony?

A divorce or separation ceremony can involve one or both people in the relationship. It can be private or public, involving close friends, family, or a larger community. We believe that a divorce ceremony should echo the wedding or marriage as a way to bring people connected to the relationship together to process, share, and find closure.

Divorce inspiration

The end of a relationship deserves as much attention as the beginning. For ideas on how to create a divorce or separation ceremony for you or people you love, sign up for our newsletter below and we’ll send you detailed examples you can follow. 


Finding a way to process, grieve, and honour the end of a relationship is important. Creating an intentional time to record all of the highs and lows can help bring peace and closure.

End letters

Love letters are powerful because they speak from the heart. The same rings true for divorce letters, giving each person the opportunity to say some of the things they couldn't in person.

Divorce party

Coming together as a community to mark the end of a marriage can be very healing for the couple and their community. There are many ways to bring people in to a divorce the same way we do a marriage.