What is a fertility ceremony?

A fertility ceremony is a way to mark the ups and downs of our fertility journey. It's rarely a straight line, and often involves the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, so having ceremonies in place can offer us the love and support we need to navigate this phase. For many of us, fertility wasn't something we thought about until it was all we thought about.

Why are fertility ceremonies important?

For many, fertility isn't something we talk openly about, especially if we are having trouble conceiving, going through IVF, or experiencing pregnancy loss. Fertility ceremonies aim to empower us with knowledge, support, and community, inviting others into our experiences so we don't feel so alone or lost.

How do you create a fertility ceremony?

There are lots of ways to bring ceremony into your fertility journey. You can find rituals for yourself, you can create a couples ceremony, or you can host a community ceremony. There are so many unexpected feelings that show up when we want to get pregnant and it doesn't come easily, or when we are preparing for the arrival of a baby.

Fertility inspiration

There are many aspects of the fertility journey you can weave ceremony into. For a guide on how to bring ceremony in your fertility experience, sign up for our newsletter below and we’ll send you ceremonies you can follow and storiess to inspire you!

Trying to conceive

Trying to conceive can be quick for some or a very long journey for others, full of ups and downs. Ceremony can mark the beginning of your journey, something to hold onto if things get rocky.


The IVF process can be painful and stressful. Ceremony can help ground and connect parents with their conception experience, while also recognizing the daily struggles they endure.


When we miscarry, we often feel isolated and alone in our grief, and are encouraged to get back to normal. Most people aren't sure how to say goodbye to a life they haven't met.