Making time for release ceremonies

Ceremony helped me become more aware of my loss, my fear, my love. Ceremony taught me about life.
Marina Billinghurst

Ceremony hasn’t always played an important role in my life. In fact, it wasn’t until life got really dark that I started to feel the need for something more, something bigger. I was in the midst of dealing with PTSD, struggles with relationships, and miscarriage. I was experiencing anxiety and bouts of depression, and then I discovered release ceremonies. A release ceremony is a structured way to clear out negative feelings and welcome more positive ones. For some, it’s about leaving behind old stories, relationships, or dreams they’ve outgrown. Ultimately, it’s about letting go of the things that no longer serve us, and there’s no one way to do that.

I go outside, preferable close to a body of water. I wear all black and face west and light a candle.I hold my citrine crystal and wait for a surge or feeling. Once I receive it, I write down what I would like to release. I then read the letter out loud and light it on fire. I watch the letter burn and wait until it’s finished. I give gratitude for the release ceremony and wait for a minute until the ashes disperse.

Recently, I’ve been growing from these painful experiences and I’ve been using release ceremonies as a way to turn my darkness into light. This process has helped me let go of feelings I can’t control or ideals I have a hard time getting rid of. There is something very healing about this. Through this process, I’ve experienced relief as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Now, no matter what’s happening in my life, I make time for a release ceremony because it gives me a sense of understanding and acceptance of the things I cannot control.

I’ve seen the power of channeling my energy through ceremony and I believe in it whole heartedly. I know that ceremony can help people slow down and appreciate all of the experiences we face in life. When we take a moment to show our gratitude for what we’ve received, or acknowledge our sadness for what we’ve lost, ceremony helps us move through it. Whether it’s letting go and moving on, welcoming something new into our lives, or connecting with others who have gone through similar things, ceremony is a powerful way to experience life.

Ceremony helped me become more aware of my loss, my fear, my love. Ceremony taught me about life.