Why ceremony?

A friend once told us that there’s a ceremony-shaped hole in our culture right now. Perhaps it’s because many of us don’t feel a connection to traditional religious or cultural ceremonies, or perhaps it’s because our fast-paced culture doesn’t always encourage slowing things down. Whatever the reason, ceremony is needed now more than ever to help us feel like we’re a part of something meaningful. Ceremony is important because it connects us to our community by inviting people to share in an experience. It helps us acknowledge and celebrate change, and it gives us a place to feel our feelings.

Ceremony is emotion​

Ceremony is a way to reveal and understand our emotions. Ceremony allows us to celebrate and grieve together. It gives us the opportunity to share what we know, what we feel, and what we need in a safe environment. It's an expression of emotions, a way to dig a little bit deeper and connect with our true feelings surrounding a moment or a milestone.

Ceremony is ritual

If ceremony is the pot, then rituals are the ingredients. Rituals are our actions, our way of doing, of being. We like to think of rituals as 'habits with intention'. The difference between routine and ritual is that you fall into one, and step into the other. Rituals help us pause and notice the world around us so that we can then create ceremonies that reflect our unique perspective and experiences.

Ceremony is sensory​

What we see, what we hear, what we taste, smell, touch, all of these can help create a deeper ceremonial experience. The smell of homemade waffles can signal the start of a weekly breakfast. The sound of a bell can trigger a moment to pause and give thanks. The weight of a rock in your hand can connect you to the weight of something you are carrying. Our senses guide us through ceremony.

Ceremony is nature​

The natural world has always informed how we practice ceremony and ritual. Whether it's honouring the elements by lighting a candle, holding a stone, touching water, burning paper, or choosing to be in nature for the ceremony itself, our connection with our environment is a huge part of why ceremony can be so grounding. Nature is ceremony's playground.

Ceremony is belonging​

While there are some powerful ceremonies that involve just one person, for us, ceremony is often about bringing people together. Whether it's remembering a lost loved one, meeting new neighbours, saying goodbye to work colleagues, or gathering with those closest to you to welcome new life, we believe that at the heart of ceremony is belonging.