What is a post partum ceremony?

A post partum ceremony can prepare a new mother or parent, and their family, for the new world they have just entered. The post partum period is defined as the six weeks following childbirth, but we believe it continues much longer. The best birth and post partum ceremonies give us permission to show up just as we are and releases us from pressures or expectations.

Why are post partum ceremonies important?

Often, the post partum experience isn't what we expected it to be. From breastfeeding to lack of sleep, hormones to anxiety, feelings of failure and comparison. Birth or post partum ceremonies are meant to give us a safe space to express joy, fear, doubt, and anxiety. They are also supposed to remind us how much knowledge, insight, and support we already have. 

How do you create a post partum ceremony?

A post partum ceremony can be done right after the baby is born, or it can be done in the months following birth. It can be done for the mother, with her spouse or partner, or with family and friends. Each post partum ceremony is unique to the mom and her family, and there are many ways to help them feel seen, heard and respected.

Post partum inspiration

Bringing ceremony into the birth and post partum experience is beneficial for everyone. To learn how to bring ceremony into this period of time, sign up for our newsletter below and we’ll send you ceremony inspiration and stories from our community,

Nursery prepartion

Creating a space in your home for your child is one way to prepare for their arrival. While we tend to focus on colours and styles, putting thought toward how we want the room to feel can be very powerful.


Choosing a baby name can be challenging, especially in a post partum haze. With all the pressure surrounding the naming process, we can forget to officially welcome the baby into their new name.

Guide parent

Whether or not you're religious, the idea of a god or guide parent, is a powerful concept. It helps us feel like we're part of a village and that there are adults looking out for our children in different ways.