What is a self care ceremony?

We see self care as the small, incremental investments we make in ourselves. It’s balancing between what we need and what we want, while investing in our own well-being. Self care ceremonies should be easy, affordable, and sustainable. Creating self care ceremonies is about deepening your relationship with yourself in ways that serve you.

Why are self care ceremonies important?

A self care ceremony should fill up your proverbial tank so you can better support yourself and others. We should prioritize taking care of ourselves the same way we prioritize taking care of others. Self care is really about time with yourself. It requires us to prioritize ourselves and invest a chunk of time and energy in our mental and emotional health.

How do you create a self care ceremony?

Self care ceremonies require setting aside time to be with yourself. In order for self care ceremonies to start to take affect, they need to be consistent. Make a commitment of what you can handle, and let others know that you have carved out that time for very important work. And most importantly – just start! It will be a work in progress, just like you.

Self care inspiration

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Dating yourself

One self care ceremony is to create a repeating date with yourself, where you do something you love. You schedule and keep these dates the way you'd keep a dentist or doctor appointment.

Hard conversations

Often there's a relationship or person in your life that causes strife or stress. Taking the time to map out a conversation you're avoiding can serve as a self care ceremony and can release pent up emotions.

Slivers of time

Whether it's a bath each evening, meditating for 5 minutes or going for a quick run, finding a way to turn slivers of time into micro ceremonies can recalibrate your mental and physical state.