Workshops & Events

We offer immersive ceremony and ritual training for care providers and wellness practitioners. Our unique experiences and approach sets us apart, as we bridge the divide between mental wellness and the art of gathering. We’ve woven together our passions and experiences in mythology, storytelling, celebrancy, social work, life coaching, and doula training to create one-of-a-kind, intersectional training programs. 

We will continue to announce our 2021 workshops and training weekends here as schedules are formalized:

The Elements of Ceremony
End of Life Ritual Training

Designed for care providers in the end of life space, this 6 week virtual training program will teach you how to structure a ceremony, create rituals, and support yourself and those you care for through intentional acknowledgement and a connection to the five elements.

Co-presented with Kate Love & Tracy Chalmers

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Beginning of Life Ritual Training

Designed for birth workers, care providers, and wellness practitioners, this virtual training program will introduce you to the elements of ceremony, rituals for self care, and ways to acknowledge the visible and invisible moments connected to a range of beginning of life experiences.

Co-presented with Nicole Heidbreder
Graceful Fusion, Birth Doula

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Cold Plunge Ocean Swimming

Join me every Sunday for a beautiful ocean swim, complete with rituals to acknowledge what was, what is, and what will be.

These events are free.

Grief Ritual Walks

Join me every month for a ritual walk in the forest to hold space for any grief you might be feeling. We will create three simple rituals to acknowledge and honour your grief in a way that feels right to you.

These events are free.

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